HUACA 5U+ true love service

No worries at all:Life-long service, life-long spare parts files, to ensure the normal supply of future accessories; pre-sale after-sales one-stop service, fault diagnosis, rapid response, hospitable maintenance.

True love installation service:Huakai has a good quality, technical, high level, strong sense of responsibility of the installation team, with high standards, strict accordance with the construction procedures and installation process control system, to provide customers with the fastest, highest quality, the most professional installation services.

True love technology service:Provide professional services to customers: including providing well structure design, transformation plan, site dimension measurement, multi-type technical cooperation in the process of well construction; assist owners to monitor the construction process of elevator well, ensure that the well size meets the requirements, the installation process and other engineering coordination, installation Quality inspection.

True love maintenance service:We guarantee that one year free warranty and maintenance service will be provided to the elevator products. The damage of parts caused by the quality of equipment is free of charge and replacement by the division. Before the equipment is put into use, we will train you to use the elevator correctly, so that they can master the elevator's normal use, the main causes of the failure and other basic knowledge, so that you can use the elevator normally and correctly.
During one year's free warranty period, we send professional personnel twice a month to inspect, adjust, lubricate and clean the elevator according to the relevant maintenance technical specifications, so as to ensure the comfortable and safe operation of the elevator.

True love plus service:Guangdong is the first one to provide "elevator product liability insurance" service for each factory elevator; elevator service more than 5 years, free operation status assessment, and provide overhaul basis; ISO certification, in line with international standards services.